This is a giveaway to find a new home for extra Robert Downey Jr. Photos and Magazine Clippings over the years. A must for any RDJ Fan.

The giveaway includes

1. Hardcover Journal(Scrapbook) full of clippings of Robert Downey Jr. and some Jude Law(When Sherlock Holmes came out) Approx 72 pages

2. 12 Full Pages about RDJ.

3. Ironman 2 DVD

  • RULES!
  • You must be following me. It makes no sense to give a gift for someone who does not follow me. I’ll check, you can be sure!
  • You can reblog this at least 4 times per day. You can reblog 1 time, it’s okay, but the more (Only 4, remember) you do, more chances for you!

The giveaway will be conducted by True Random Number.

I will start this giveaway from this date to June 1.

Posted on May 12, 2012
Tagged: #giveaways #robert downey jr.

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